Luke Townsin

Twitter And The Mobile Stream

Luke Townsin, Twitter’s Head of Brand Strategy (Multinational EMEA) speaks about the major trends in content consumption and what can be called the “mobile stream."

Luke Townsin

Twitter And The Mobile Stream

September 2014

Leveraging The Mobile Consumption Culture

On 18 September 2014, our practical learning platform, Heavy Chef hosted Twitter’s Head of Brand Strategy (Multinational EMEA), Luke Townsin who presented the topic: Connecting To The Mobile Stream. His talk covered the latest trends in content consumption, introducing the audience to the concept of “meerkatting” – when users consume or engage with content on different devices at the same time.

Therefore, the challenge for brands is to generate content that is more compelling than what is currently on their audience’s smartphones or mobile devices. In his presentation, Luke highlighted some of the ways in which Twitter is enabling brands to get their messages across and stand out in the mobile stream. 

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