Presentation Tips From A Guy Who's Done A Few

How Not To Suck In Front Of A Crowd

Rich Mulholland is the founder of South Africa’s largest presentation firm, Missing Link and the co-founder of the country’s first “perspective lab,” 21Tanks.

He is also a guest lecturer for The Cape Graduate School of Business as well as the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). In addition to these impressive credentials, he is also a blogger and columnist for Longevity and Destiny Man magazines. Mulholland is a tailor-made jack of all trades because he has managed to master one – the ability to get a point across effectively.
On 03 November, Rich will enlighten the Heavy Chef audience on how to master the fine art of presenting. We caught up with him for a quick Q&A in anticipation of this upcoming event.
Can you give us a sneak preview of your upcoming presentation at Heavy Chef?
Presentations it turns out, are simply principle based, and not all that complicated. I'll be sharing those principles (Hint: It won't be the usual schtick of “use more pictures and tell more stories. Meh.”)
Are there personality types that make for natural-born public speakers or can anyone excel at presenting?
I guess so, but like all things, much of it comes down to desire. Some people get off on standing in front of people, and others don't. However I think that by and large, being a highly competent speaker is a skill that (almost) anyone can learn.
What change would you like to see in how people give presentations?
I'd like them to communicate as if they were talking to someone, rather than talking at them. It amazes me how people change as soon as they hit a stage.
What is the ultimate hallmark of an effective presentation?
When a presentation has successfully changed the audience’s point of view when they leave the room.

Death by Powerpoint. Is it real?
It is, but PowerPoint really isn't the problem, it's a perfectly good tool. The real problem is the user.
There you have it – tips from one of the country’s most lauded speakers. The Heavy Chef event featuring Rich Mulholland will take place at World Wide Creative's studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. The event is fully booked, but we'll make sure we share all the action so connect with us via Twitter and Facebook.

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