By Lerato Munyai, Marketing Coordinator, Ninja, @_AnnahLee_

Refined. Informative. Authentic: A Heavy Chef Magazine Review

Heavy Chef succeeds in positioning itself as the industry hippie-yuppie – the kid in the know (you know), and this edition of the magazine is well-poised to be the bullhorn of the creative space.

The Heavy Chef Quarterly Review magazine has a refined, yet elementary style of writing and content that reminded me of what creativity and innovation are, and the correlation of the two constructs. So many of us have just abandoned our creative creatures in some box where it is held captive by society, the economy, the industry and its challenges but worst of all, by our own minds and fears.
The featured articles were highly interesting and informative. I savoured the accumulated knowledge shared by the seasoned creatives. Heavy Chef Magazine succeeded, exceedingly so, at laying out the world I had long romanticised, a world that later snubbed me. The scant advertising gives the magazine more authenticity in that it seems to be all about the substance and not at all about any kind of commercial gain.
In that sense, the Heavy Chef magazine was an awakening – a kind of reincarnation for my creative self to rise again and fight harder than it’s ever fought before to reassert its creative expression and excellence.

Who Is Lerato Munyai?

Lerato Munyai is a marketing coordinator and all-round industry enthusiast, specialising in digital strategy and data analysis. With a diploma in Integrated Brand Communications and a post-grad diploma in Brand Innovation, from Vega, Lerato is methodically building a career for herself in a thriving and fast-moving industry. This energetic, young marketer plays an active role in a number of disciplines, from facilitating and executing marketing campaigns to reporting on leads and conversions. Her passion for advertising stems from a natural aptitude for both analytical and creative thinking.

At the Heavy Chef event headlined by Xolisa Dyeshana, Lerato won the first ever hard-copy of Heavy Chef’s Campaigns magazine and was eager to share her thoughts on its content and layout with the team.
Thanks so much for your feedback Lerato. Here’s to many more moments of learning and sharing together!

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