Glenn Gillis

Gaming And The Rise Of Interactivity

Glenn Gillis, the CEO of gaming and animation company Sea Monster talks about the exponential growth of gaming culture around the world, how it activates the "theatre of the mind" and what that means for interactivity in the digital age. 

Glenn Gillis

Gaming And The Rise Of Interactivity

July 2015

Change The Way You Think About Gaming

Heavy Chef’s Development Event featured a dual speaker line-up. One of those speakers was none other than Glenn Gillis, the CEO of gaming and animation company, Sea Monster. As a digital visionary, Glenn has headlined a number of events, including Tedx. At Heavy Chef, Gillis shared some refreshing perspectives on gamification as a learning tool, interactivity as a way of engaging people and how to use these digital tools to help others make sense of some of life’s complexities. 

If you’re of the opinion that gaming is nothing but mindless time-wasting – think again. Glenn Gillis demonstrated how gaming can teach children invaluable skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and design thinking. It’s all about taking an innovative and creative approach to the new digital tools which are being made available to us on almost a daily basis. 

His presentation also covered interesting concepts like the “theatre of the mind” and how through activating this neurological phenomenon, gaming and interactivity can provide for rich, paradigm-changing experiences. On his vision as the CEO of Sea Monster, Glenn said, “we don’t just want to develop games, we want to change the world.” 

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