Gareth Cliff

The Future Of Radio

Heavy Chef hosted none other than South African media icon, Gareth Cliff. Having made the transition from traditional radio to a fully fledged online show -, Gareth shared his insights on the future of radio.

Gareth Cliff

The Future Of Radio

June 2014

Radio Reinvented

On 24 June 2014, guests poured into Heavy Chef's new venue at Microsoft's headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg for a practical learning session with South African media icon, Gareth Cliff. 

Following his break away from 5FM, Gareth coined the term "UnRadio" and plunged into the world of online and mobile radio with - a trending topic on the lcoal radio scene. Is the future of radio purely digital? These are the kinds of questions Gareth addressed in his talk, remarking that listening to him and his fellow co-hosts for 5 minutes, will make conventional radio seem “lame.” Staying true to his publicly irreverent nature, he confidently forecasted the demise of radio as we know it. Hate him or love him, Gareth Cliff is authentic. 

Q&A With Gareth Cliff

After Gareth Cliff's talk on The Future Of Radio, the floor was opened to an eager audience for questions and comments. The Q&A session that followed raised some pertinent issues with regards to Gareth's move into the online space, the financial aspect of starting a digital radio channel and some gruelling topics like media censorship. 

The full suite of bite-sized, exclusive Q&A videos with Gareth Cliff is available here. 

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