Arthur Goldstuck

The Digital State Of The Nation

A key focus was placed on the ever-increasing growth of smartphone usage (studies predict that 18.1 million South African mobile users will own smartphones by the end of 2014 -- and that's a conservative estimate). Arthur suggests that "The March of the Androids" will continue, while also advocating for a ceiling price to be set for data. 

Arthur Goldstuck

The Digital State Of The Nation

April 2014

A Bright Future For SA Digital

On the 10th of April 2014, 150 Heavy Chef guests streamed into the GIBS Campus in Sandton to witness the “Digital State of the Nation” presented by three of the heaviest media and analysis chefs we know.

Arthur Goldstuck, head of World Wide Worx put figures to facts with his Digital Participation Curve model. According to his approach, South Africa needs another 5 years to convert staunch traditionalists into active participants in the digital economy. We’re getting there. 

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